Drimol 10%, 15% and 20%

Available in 20kg, 40kg, & 100kg

The Drimol range of molasses blocks is designed to optimize utilization of dry or poor quality feed.
They all contain cottonseed meal, Vitamin A and trace minerals. The 3 different levels of urea available gives you the flexibility to choose the block that best suits your needs. Drimol 10 with 10% urea is our most popular block and has consistently given good results for many years. Drimol 15 and Drimol 20 are also very useful blocks for producers who are comfortable with higher levels of urea.

Why use Drimol?
Contains cottonseed meal for bypass protein
Improved utilisation of poor quality feed
Molasses based for palatability and energy
Maintain condition of livestock

Product Description

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