Feedlot 802 & Feedlot 802 AgPlus

Feedlot 802 & Feedlot 802 AgPlus
Feedlot 802 is a concentrated premix containing high levels of vitamins, trace minerals and Lasalocid Sodium. It is especially suited to larger feedlots and feed mills which have a local source of urea, limestone, salt and dicalcium phosphate.

Feedlot 802 Esk (S4 licence or Vet Script required) has added Virginiamycin, which can help further to control grain acidosis. Feedlot 802 Ty (S4 licence or vet script required) is also available.

Why use Feedlot 802?
Concentrated – 2kg / tonne
High vitamin levels of A, D & E

Product Description

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