Optigro 4, 7, 10 blocks are high in cottonseed meal, giving them a good level of natural bypass protein with less dependence on urea. They also has good levels of phosphorus and calcium which means it is the ideal block for young growing stock. Optigro 7 is very useful as protein supplement for breeders. Like all our blocks it is molasses based and packed in an edible cardboard carton. Optigro 7 can be used as a “starter” block, before moving on to a higher urea block such as Drimol 10 or Drimol 15.


Optigro is available in Optigro 4 Sheep, Optigro 7 and Optigro 10.

Why use Optigro?
High level of cottonseed meal can help to maintain growth rate
Includes phosphorus & calcium for skeletal growth


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