Optiphos (High in Phosphorus) Optiphos lick blocks are suitable to be fed to cows running on low phosphorus soils where the added phosphorus will improve fertility. Ewes with lambs at foot will also benefit from Optiphos lick blocks because they contain effective levels of phosphorus and calcium. Phosphorus assists in the reduction of abortions, and mortality of young stock. Lactating animals require phosphorus to maintain milk production

Horses grazing pasture that is made up of exotic grasses like Buffel and Kikuyu are at risk of developing Bighead (see page 2). Optiphos lick blocks contain 12% Calcium and are useful in the prevention of Bighead. The Optiphos lick blocks are hard, yet palatable and provide a convenient method of supplementing your livestock’s’ diet with trace minerals and a significant amount of phosphorus.

Why use Optiphos?
Helps prevent Bighead in horses
Improved milk production and fertility
Improved calving percentage

Product Description

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