Phosmix – High in Phosphorus

Phosmix is a palatable, high phosphorus mineral supplement. Its proven performance has made it one of our best selling supplements. Phosmix is designed to be used when the available feed contains sufficient protein and energy to meet the animal’s needs, but is lacking in phosphorus. Even in better types of country, lactating breeders and young growing stock who both have higher requirements for phosphorus, may not get enough phosphorus to meet their needs. Because Phosmix does not contain any urea, it is suitable to use in mixed grazing situations, such as cattle and horses in the same paddock. When horses are grazing improved pastures, for example Buffel or Kikuyu, Phosmix may be fed to help prevent Bighead.

Why use Phosmix?

Good skeletal growth
Improved milk production and fertility
Improved calving percentage
Helps reduce the incidence of Bighead in horses

Product Description

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