Prosup 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 – High Protein & High Phosphorus

Prosup is a range of high protein dry licks for ruminants, based on cottonseed meal. These products also contain useful levels of phosphorus and optimum levels of the essential trace minerals. The Prosup range starts at 0% urea going through to the top of the range at 30% urea. This means stock can get accustomed to supplementary feeding at a lower urea level, before working through the range as the quality of the available paddock feed deteriorates. Prosup also contains Zeolite, which is thought to improve urea utilisation in the rumen. This range is formulated to be self-limiting on intake, enabling it to be fed free choice.

Why use Prosup?
Improved digestibility ofdry feed
Assists in weight gain
Improved calving and lambing percentages

Product Description

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