Supermix – Feedlot Concentrate

Supermix – Feedlot Concentrate
Supermix is a balanced and economical feedlot concentrate that supplies urea, phosphorus, calcium, vitamins and minerals. For your convenience, it is formulated so that you simply add 1 x 30kg bag per tonne when mixing the feed. Supermix also contains Lasalocid Sodium which is a rumen modifier. This is important because high grain diets are not natural for ruminants. Using Supermix can enable you to achieve faster growth rate and better feed conversion. Supermix has a proven record of excellent performance with both cattle and lambs. Also available in Supermix Salt Free

Why use Supermix?
Convenient – 1 bag / tonne
Faster weight gain
Improved feed efficiency
Less feedlot bloats

Product Description

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