Supersulf and Supersulf S16 (High in Sulphur) is one of the only molasses based, high sulphur blocks available on the market. This means that it is both weatherproof and palatable. Supersulf contains 12% sulphur while Supersulf S16 contains 16% sulphur. Supersulf is formulated to be fed out when grazing forage sorghum to improve growth rates and reduce the risk of cyanide poisoning. While forage sorghum is being digested in the rumen, prussic acid (hydrogen cyanide) may be released, which can be fatal to stock. More commonly though, it may be present at low levels which can greatly reduce weight gains.

Forage sorghums are also low in sodium and the combination of supplementing with both salt and sulphur can have a substantial effect on the actual weight gains achieved.

Why use Supersulf?
Reduces risk of prussic acid poisoning

Product Description

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