Wetphos 5 and 15 lick blocks contain high levels of phosphorus, which may greatly improve calving rates, and a reduced rate of abortions and lower calf mortality.

The Wetphos formulation has been designed to be a hard, weatherproof but palatable supplement for cattle.

The advantage of Wetphos is that it contains low levels of salt, which enables this product to withstand moist conditions. The energy from molasses and cottonseed meal along with urea for added protein and generous levels of trace minerals, make Wetphos a superior supplement which can be fed out prior to the wet season.

Why use Wetphos?
Very high levels of phosphorus
Extra waterproof formulation
Maximised wet season growth rate
Difficult to overconsume
Improved calving and growth rate
Can prevent botulism and improve mortality rates

Product Description

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