I have been dealing with Agricon Products for over 12 months and have found them to be very helpful in providing me with good quality supplements for my Dorper Sheep. I can talk directly to the company about what type of product I am looking for and they are very knowledgeable about what would best suit my dorper sheep.

If they do not know the answer at the time they will always get back to me when they have more information. The products I have used have been of a high standard and have provided that extra nutrition to my sheep at times when our paddocks are lacking in nutrients. My ewes have just had a successful lambing season and had been on Agricon Supplements previous to joining and throughout their pregnancy.

– Penti-M Dorper Stud
Using Cowmix 5 & Prosup 5



We’ve been using bloat ade blocks for all our cattle from wearers to grown stock. We’ve had no trouble getting them to take to the blocks and have not lost a beast to bloat yet by following the recommendations on the boxes.

– Katrina Walker