Agricon Products is a Australian owned company operating from our factory in Maryborough, Queensland, Australia. We manufacture a wide range of nutrition products for beef & dairy cattle, sheep, goats and horses.


This includes:

  • Molasses Blocks
  • Feedlot Concentrates
  • Loose-Mixes
  • Liquid Feed Supplements
  • Poly Feeders


Our products are sold nationally through various reseller chains.

Agricon Products main products include a range of molasses blocks such as:
DRIMOL A palatable molasses block available with 10%, 15%, and 20% urea
BLOAT ADE An APVMA registered product containing alcohol exthoxylate 12A23 a highly effective bloat preventative
PHOS N PRO A protein and phosphorus block for cattle in a phosphorus deficient area. Available in 7%, 11%, 15% and 20% urea.
MAGFERTET A palatable molasses block for cattle and sheep for use in areas susceptible to grass tetany.